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Blog: The Future is Odd

“Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All” is a collective of rappers that have become one of the most popular names in hip hop. The Collective consists of Tyler, The Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Left Brain, Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis, Mike G, Frank Ocean, and Syd and the Super 3 (their roster changes every so often). 

With a roster this big, it’s pretty obvious you’re going to mess up some names. The Collective comes out of Los Angeles. They all skateboard, and their brand of hip hop is often construed as “Horror Core”, but the leader (Tyler, The Creator, if you weren’t able to tell) has dismissed this in interviews and even on one of their songs “Sandwitches”.

In case you were wondering, yes. Their music is violent and crazy with a lot of swearing peppered in in the likes of “NWA”, but the main influence on them is early 90’s Eminem, with ridiculous metaphors, and imagery that could be the ideas for horror films. Odd Future is a force to be reckoned with.

I believe Odd Future is the wake up call that hip hop needs. Like the groups and rappers before them. NWA came out in a time where hip hop was still starting and no “true” rappers spoke about hardships growing up. Eminem came out in the 90’s where pop stars and boy bands ruled the air waves; he set his own pace while at the same time scaring the living hell out of everyone else around him and that is what Odd Future is doing.

They are giving hip hop a much needed wake up call for our current generation, where every single song on the radio sounds like something out of an episode of “Jersey Shore” which makes me die a little on the inside being a House Music fanatic, the music I have grown to love is being turned stale and overly played. 

So, If you are a connoisseur of rap music or Hip-hop in general, make sure to check out their 12 albums which can be downloaded for free a, I guarantee there is at least one you’ll enjoy. Also, make sure to get Tyler, The Creator’s new album “Goblin” when it comes out May 10th. Wolf Gang.

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