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Blog: The 365 Project – Entry 3

With a few spurts of warm weather, I bounced back from the lack of inspiration that became my previous week, and felt better than ever before about my project. I call it a 365, and I plan on taking one portrait every day for a year. 

Thursday. I am still unaware of where the exact inspiration behind this photo came from, but I can assure you that it was from an overflowing amount of different book themed photos on Flickr. Most of the photos that I found dealing with books are photo manipulations, meaning there is a ton of Photoshop work involved. That is something that is definitely not my strongest area when dealing with the creation of realistic photos. I hung the books with red yarn from a truss in our living room, and then I donned my reading glasses and tried to look studious.


Friday. Any excuse to wear a bowtie is a good one. And so, I did. It was purely for the photo, but it snowed quite a bit and the trees complimented my grey suit perfectly. The colors that I used to edit here are some of my favorite yet, and for that, I am dreading the end to winter. The whites, and the blues, and the purples, all of it will be lost, to a certain extent. The layering of clothes, and the sense of cold, all of that will vanish. It’s sad.


Saturday. I’ve come across multiple photographs here and there where it seems as though the viewer is walking through a house. In my mind, it represents a movie still. With that vision in mind, I carefully placed my tripod to where it would get blocked by the wall. To where it seemed like you, the one viewing the image, was glancing in on my life. I ended up editing it as close as I possibly could to black and white without getting rid of every ounce of color.  I wanted it to be intense. To make you think: What happens next?


Sunday. I woke up to see an absolutely immense amount of fog surrounding my house. I kept putting off taking my photo in hopes that either A. The fog would get even more intense or that actually B. The lights in this here parking lot would come on. I’ve seen them before in the fog and it’s a beautiful sight. I settled on the parking lot, save the lights, and stepped further away from the camera than in the past. It’s not my style, per say, but I’m working on placing myself in an actual setting.


Monday. Whenever I can’t think of a genuine concept, and I have enough time, I will head over to Savers to scout out the old, beat up electronic selection. I’ve used the TV that I found there twice, and for this photo I found a vintage typewriter. I headed to a parking lot that is always empty, waited for the sun to go down so that I could utilize the golden light, and ended up with this.


Tuesday. I truly don’t have much to say about this photo. Some days I just really shoot for simple images, and I aim for good light. I think that it’s part of the 365 project. I honestly don’t know how somebody could go an entire year with a new concept for every single photo. If somebody has, then I applaud them. I’ve seen some amazing projects, and even they have certain days where there isn’t an entire idea behind it. I think that’s okay, and that’s what this is. Maybe I just have more than others.


Wednesday. Shooting a 365 during deadline is usually always a dreadful experience. I don’t necessarily mean that in a bad way, but there isn’t much time. Luckily, this deadline I finished up everything super early, and after things calmed down a bit, I grabbed a fellow J-Student and headed up to the upper-archive: one of my favorite spots throughout the school. I generated some light on his face with a white brush, and the soft light filter on Photoshop, and then proceeded to overlay a red color for a vintage feel.

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