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Blog: Taste Bud Warfare

If you’re like me, there is a food that you cannot stand the taste of: or the sight, the smell or the texture. For me, it’s peanut butter. I know what you’re thinking.

“What? How can you not like peanut butter?!”

Honestly, I don’t know either. But that’s the thing: I do not control my taste buds. I did not decide to hate peanut butter, nor did I choose to have a visceral gut reaction whenever I smell the stuff. I did not chose my taste buds, just like I didn’t choose my parents or my ethnicity.

Yet every time I express my distaste for peanut butter, I get bombarded with quizzical looks and aghast faces.

It isn’t like I don’t want to like peanut butter. I mean, it has a lot going for it: protein, healthy, can be added to all kinds of baked goods and snacks. It is one of those foods that I really wish I liked, but I can’t change my taste buds.

So please, stop reiterating and degrading my taste in food because if it happens one more time I’ll just pretend to be allergic.

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