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Blog: Mother Nature Used to be Cool

I hate the cold. I hate having to dress in layers. i hate having to wear gloves when I drive. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it.

Well, enough of my general complaints. It’s time to get into the weather we have been having for the past few months. I can understand why it’s cold through December to mid-February, but after that I expect it to get warmer. But no, Mother Nature has been going through some emotional problems at home lately and feels like we should be the scapegoats for her anger, by making it freezing outside.

When I was little I was always interested in the weather. Not really the science that goes into it, but just to have a general knowledge of what it will be like for the day. In laymen’s terms Warm = Good. Cold = Angry and complaint-filled.

Now generally I can stand the cold for a little bit – like most people I think it’s a wonderland of white when the snow falls for the first time, but after awhile and the snow is still falling. It gets on my nerves. When Snow-pocalypse came around I thought: wow, this is ridiculous. Oh well, no school tomorrow. But now when it is March, I expect the weather to get a little warmer so I can bust out my half shirt and short shorts and what do I get? A high of 40s the week before Spring Break. No this isn’t all bad. I remember last year when it snowed during Spring Break. I also recall it giving me the fury fists.

If Al Gore has done anything right, it’s win a Grammy for best spoken word album, and claiming he invented the internet. So far global warming has not helped me out in the long run of freezing winters, but you may be saying to yourself: but Riley, we had a couple days that were near 70 degrees outside near the end of February? It’ll get warmer soon.

First of all, stop talking to your computer, and second, true. It was 70 and beautiful. It was my first glimpse of the spring to come. Then it snows, twice. Yep. Mother Nature is toying with us. She likes to give us some nice weather that is much too nice for February, then have it snow. She is toying with my emotions like a step-father forgetting to get his son at soccer practice, but then buying him ice cream and a violent video game.

I can’t take it anymore! I want to wear a t-shirt outside again without second guessing myself. I wanna ride in my car with sunglasses on and not be viewed as “that Guy”. So, if you’re listening, please Gary Lezak, predict the future a little better when it comes to the sun. Love your #1 fan, Riley Watson.

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