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Blog: I’m Your Biggest Worst Fan

I really enjoy watching the Chiefs and the Royals lose.

I’m serious. I feel like a hero, a loyal friend that will never leave their side, a trooper. I love the feeling of being there for players that are degraded week in and week out by the area’s publications. I wake up and see the gloomy, bold headlines. I know what they are going through. Am I the only one in the city that gets it? I am so understanding, so kind, so supportive.

The feeling is even better when I attend a game in person. At Chiefs’ games, I am almost guaranteed to witness Matt Cassel shaking his head on the sidelines, a look of total despair and hopelessness on his face. The second I take my seat on the first base side, I know that the Royals could blow a 6 run lead in the ninth.


The truth is, I am not strong enough to face losses when the team I am cheering for is a regular contender on the national stage. I am an avid KU basketball fan, and at times, the stress can be too much to handle. I can’t get hurt when I expect to lose 100 games in a season or when I know the final score will be 41-7. It is so much easier to lose every game in the regular season than to be beaten by a ridiculous underdog I will come to hate (VCU anyone?).

An underdog.

The Chiefs. The Royals.



The type of teams I come to hate during the college basketball season (the underdogs) are the teams I enjoy watching lose in football and baseball.

So what does it all boil down to, you ask?

I really enjoy being the worst fan ever.

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Becca Brownlee

Becca is a senior at East and this is her second semester on the Harbinger. She is the Online Assistant Editor and enjoys politics, journalism and watching college basketball. Read Full »

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