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Blog: I’m Not Even Supposed To Be Here Today

Oh, the snow day. A day of carefree fun and a break from the average school work.

Wait… What’s that? Another? Oh my god! Its like another weekend! Plus tomorrow is Friday so just one more mini blizzard and we’ll get a five day weekend. Oh wait……school isn’t cancelled

After these past few snow days have successfully played three hours of “NBA JAM” consecutively, finally came to the conclusion that snow shovels are officially useless. Seriously those things are the VHS tapes of snow dispersal units, and found out what 40 mile an hour wind looks like. Those few glorious days were fantastic, but then of course school is called back on and all good things have to come to an end.

The Friday I went back to school was next to pointless, I wasn’t really focused at all that day and the only thing it truly did was give me a ton of homework and a minor headache. “They’re going to push graduation back”, “Seniors are going to have to stay back” is all I hear, but I highly doubt it. Yes it seems that it is possible, but what are we as seniors suppose to do on those days that we have to stay? We would have been checked out, all of our work is in, only thing we could really do was

A) Have nap time.

B) Recess (My kickball skills have been getting a little rusty)


C) Free period/Study Hall/ Work Day/ Nap time/ Talk-Fest

So there is no point to these paranoid feelings for senior, yes we may have to graduate a little later, but it wont be all that bad. We’ll still get to get out earlier then every one else (Sorry every other student).

With this past Friday I can see what the end of my year will feel like to me. Maybe it’s senioritis, but me personally am not aloud to feel the wonders of this feeling because of good ol’ science and math (*Waves flag sarcastically) (*Whoos)

“But Riley,” you may say “It’s only one day, plus its Friday? Tomorrow’s the weekend. What’s the problem?”  I’ll tell you kindly stranger, with one solid number.

7. With a seven period day I can’t enjoys the wonders of my normal Friday’s which include three hours of theatre and an hour and a half of journalism. Yes it is a Friday, but with every single class it feels like a Monday, so there is no feeling of being done for the week, more like starting it again.

And if “Garfield” and “Office Space” have taught me anything. It’s that Monday’s suck.

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