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Blog: I’m Not a Hat Person

It’s time for the senior class to say goodbye to the school they have spent their teen years in. If this point in my life  were a montage it would be set to Green Day’s “Time of Your Life” or possibly Sarah McLachlan’s “ I Will Remember You”. Or even the more obvious “Graduation” by Vitamin C. Either way, it is a sad/relieving time for seniors. Either you are just now realizing that you are leaving and are not wanting to go just yet, or you get that one kid who hasn’t touched a pencil in a month and is just waiting to cross the stage to go “finally” and then exhale really loudly. We have all been waiting for this moment for the last four years.

Surprisingly, I am the guy who is just going “cool, graduation”. I didn’t get announcements. I didn’t get a key chain. I didn’t get a class ring. I got nothing. I’m the guy who just goes with the flow of things. I was never truly “shocked” by the fact that I’m graduating. I always just knew it was going to happen. But I’ve had the fears of not being able to. Thanks to Algebra 2 and Physics, I have been on edge all year whether or not I have the grades. But seeing that the year is winding down, it doesn’t bother me that much anymore. I know If I can study hard I’ll be alright.

As my days keep getting easier and easier, high school will just turn into a thing of the past. I’ll look back on the things that I accomplished over these few years and think about the fun I had with them. High school has taught me so much about what to do with the future, and that future involves making movies. I’m going to KU next fall to begin my college life and if movies have taught me anything, it’s that every college girl is attractive, all the professors are cool thirty-somethings, and a toga party is right around the corner all the time. And when have movies failed me?…Don’t answer that question.

I’d say I’m ready for college – living on my own will be a nice change of pace. I basically live by myself already with my dad working all the time – it’s just the cooking and laundry I have to figure within the next couple months. As for living with a roommate, I hope It ends up like that episode of “I Love Lucy” where the apartment is cut right down the middle. That would be the BEST case scenario. Worst case would be one of us dead and I don’t see that happening.

It’ll be different to be in college next year. I know that what I have learned will pass on into the next chapter in my lif and what is the  first thing I am going to apply to my college life? Not having class at seven in the morning.

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