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Blog: How to Have Fun in KC Over Spring Break

Though many are cruising the Caribbean, relaxing on a beach in Florida, or exploring the streets of Paris, there are a few Lancers that are staying in Kansas City over Spring Break. Whether it is a choice of your own or if your parents refused to let you go on a road trip with your friends, I have a few fun and interesting suggestions that have helped me bear staying in KC.

First, you should load up that Netflix queue. There is nothing better than waking up in the morning knowing you have absolutely nothing you have to get done. So, crawl out of bed at 1 p.m. and tune in to some trashy horror film in your queue. It probably shouldn’t, but seeing my Netflix queue grow smaller as I am able to delete movies and seasons of TV shows like a British comedy called the IT Crowd and a creepy thriller called Chloe, gives me great satisfaction. What can I say, I’m kind of weird.

After you have satiated your need for trash TV, I recommend going out and exploring the city. Though you may have to get out of your pajamas, a trip to the Kansas City Public Library, the Nelson, or to Westport to eat at the Jerusalem Café or to get a chai tea latte at the Filling Station, will be worth your while – and you’ll feel that you have actually done something. I’ve been to each of those places in the last few days and the amount of people that are there on a weekday is slim – so you’ll get the places practically to yourself.

If you can manage to get together some of your friends who are in town, plan a themed party. Have your friends dress like people from the 70s, plan a Murder Mystery dinner party, or even wear bed sheets as togas. My 1930s murder mystery party a few weeks back was a hit and I’m having a crazy dress Morp-style party tonight. When you go back to school you can talk about the amazing party you went to, instead of drooling over your friend’s trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Speaking of Harry Potter, I highly suggest watching Harry Potter Weekend on ABC Family. And why not dress up like a Harry Potter character while you’re at it? There’s nothing better to quell the spring break blues than dressing up like Minerva McGonagall and waving around a wand. At least for me there isn’t. Thus, I plan on doing that exact thing this weekend.

The goal is to let loose, while at the same time feeling like you’ve actually done something. There’s a difference between getting something done and doing something. There’s no need to be extremely productive unless you want to overachieve and work on your senior paper, but you need to make sure you get out of the house, stop sulking about being in KC, and enjoy yourself.

So, when your teachers ask you where you went on spring break, proudly announce KCSB2011!


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