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Blog: A Tribute to Rick Perry’s Confidence

I am 17.  I cannot vote.  Hell, I’ve never really been into politics, until this year.  In our AP Government class we spend a good amount of time talking about the upcoming election and even more so about the Republicans running for President of the United States.

I’ll admit, the talks have provided many good laughs with all the gaffes that almost every candidate has made.  For instance, Michelle Bachman claiming that a young girl suffered from retardation because of the HPV vaccine was an absolutely horrendous claim.    She went on to say that the information was just what she had was told.   Yet, I couldn’t help but wonder how people with so much power make such bad mistakes when talking to media.  Aren’t these people supposed to lead our country?

Who I really want to talk about though is Texas Governor and Republican Party candidate Rick Perry.

Rick Perry has mean “swagger”.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term “swagger” or “swag”, Urban refers to a person’s confidence and the manner in which one walks.

Perry, much like Bachman, has had his share of political gaffes.  The most popular, in my opinion, being his claim that social security is a government Ponzi scheme.  But I don’t want to delve into politics.  Instead, I’ll talk about how he handled his big mistake:  Like a freaking champ.  I’m not sure if it’s part of being from Texas, but he clearly is very comfortable in his own shoes..I mean cowboy boots.

I remember watching some Republican debate about a month ago as Perry walked on to the stage.  The crowd went wild when he walked out.  A smile on his face, he sauntered across the stage with his Texas “swagger” on full display.  Looking out onto the crowd, it was like watching a person who knew they had already won something step in front of beloved fans.  And as a competitor myself, I truly admire this trait.

Now don’t get me wrong, cockiness is not a virtue I wish to extol onto my peers.  But when you can do something, maybe not even do it well (in Perry’s case), but with great confidence and self-esteem, I believe you’ve already won a significant part of the battle.

Rick Perry’s “swagger” may not get him elected into the White House, but it sure is something I respect.  And for that Governor Perry, I salute you.

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