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Blog: A Pretty Little Obsession

I have been a little obsessed with a certain show in the last couple of weeks. I have been looking up videos, reading blogs and recording every episode. I’m talking about, oh yes, “Pretty Little Liars”.  The spring finale episode aired only five days ago and let me just say: it was intense.  I know that the story line may sound stupid, impossible or whatever else you want to say negatively about it, but at least it is intriguing! 

The show is about how four girls are haunted by mysterious texts and notes from someone referred to as “A” a couple years after their best friend, Alison was murdered.  “A” tells the girls secrets that only Alison would know.  During each episode, the girls are trying to figure out who this mystery person is and also who murdered their best friend.

Like everyone else that watches “Pretty Little Liars”, I cannot stand to wait to find out who “A” is and why he is stocking the girls.  Unfortunately, the next episode doesn’t air until June.

Believe it or not, this is actually a good show.  If you stick with it and watch each episode, you will not want to wait until the next one airs.

The show is based off of a book series and it is rumored that “A” is a different person in the show than in the book.  I’m not sure if that’s true, but I am reading the books before the next episode just because I can’t wait.  I completed the first two books in two days and of course the third book is nowhere to be found, not at Borders, not at Barnes and Noble. The upside is that I have the third book ordered, so hopefully I can finish the series well before June.

Give “Pretty Little Liars” a chance.  When it picks up again in June watch an episode or two and more than likely, you won’t be disappointed. “Pretty Little Liars” – give it a try.

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