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Blog: 90s Fashion Returns

Every so often, trends from the past find their way back onto the runways and into the mainstream. Sometimes it manifests itself in a positive way, like this high fashion look-book, and other times these retro trends can be a curse. No decade has been worse for fashion than the 90s and unfortunately for us, the 90s are back…and we should be afraid. Here are 4 trends that I wish had stayed in the past and one I love.

Platform Shoes –
For years now, heels have been getting higher and higher, but lately the trend has been adding a platform to make the heel a little more comfortable. With the 90s returning, the heel has disappeared but the platform is still around. Designers as high end as Jeffrey Campbell are re-imagining the look as well as those in the mainstream.

Crop Tops –
As if rising hemlines weren’t bad enough, now shirts are getting shorter and shorter. According to E!’s fashion police, one of the hot trends of the season is the “ribdriff,” a high hemline, high waisted short or skirt paired with a crop top. This look is not only unflattering on 90% of the population, it is absolutely un-bare-able.

Doc Martens –
These high quality boots were once a staple of the grunge movement. Originating in the UK, these shoes originally were associated with punk, rock and all things dirty. Now, the popular brand makes the shoes in all sorts of heights, from ankle to knee, and every color and pattern in existence, including floral.

Overalls –
Unless you are a farmer, this is not an acceptable trend. Do not feed into the Kansas stereotype.

The only trend I enjoy from the 90s revival is the neon-everything fad. From nail-polish to purses, neon has found its way onto the runway in every shape and form. And I love it. Just a small detail of these bright flourescents can make any outfit fun and fresh. The 90s may have been horrible for fashion 98% of the time, but the 2% of neon that survived is here to stay.

The 90s were traumatic for many reasons. Sure most of us were only babies, but the horrors of the 90s fashion trends are coming back to haunt us. So beware, and don’t fall prey to these seemingly appealing runway styles, look instead to those that draw from the 60s or, better yet, develop your own sense of fashion.

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Zoe Brian

Zoe Brian is a senior in her seventh semester on the Harbinger and is the assistant editor of online. She can often be found reading, spending time with her dogs and listening to vinyl records. Her frequent haunts include the J-Room, book-stores, local theaters and Wayside Waifs, a local animal shelter. Read Full »

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