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Band, Choir and Orchestra Districts Results

Band, choir and orchestra students all came together this past Saturday for one important day. District auditions.

Districts are a competition with all of the schools in northeastern Kansas. If a student makes it at districts they then advance to state competitions.

“Students need challenges, everybody needs goals,” orchestra teacher Jonathan Lane said. “It’s an opportunity to see how they compare. It also calls for college scholarships later on.”

Choir teacher Ken Foley chooses four people from each section to go to district auditions. They go in most seminars and practice singing with a CD with the music on it.

“For the audition you’re in a room and you can’t see the judges as they can’t see you, so all they hear is your voice.”  junior Madelaine Heigele said

Most of symphonic band is encouraged to audition and encouraged to do participate.

“It’s a great way to test your musical abilities,” junior Emma Calvert said.

In the orchestra classes, Lane requires it for his symphonic orchestra students. There are still a few brave sophomores in another class who have decided to audition this year.

“It’s a really stressful process,” junior Sydney Crawford said.”I’m glad it’s finally over.”
The suspense has finally ended. Students have found out if they will continue or if this is the end of the auditioning process for them.



Flute: Emma Reno , Claire Tracy,Mary Grekstas, Michelle Lui

Clarinets: Zach Williams, Chandler Klein, Ross Commerford, Michael Dannov

Alto Sax: Eric Kim

Bassoon: Noah Eidemiller

Trombone: Cole Harrison, Graham Eidemiller

French Horn: Ingrid Starkey

Mallett Percussion: Abby Scott

Concert Alternates

Baritone Sax: Elizabeth Kashka

Tuba: Matt Baehinke

Jazz Band

Saxes: Zach Williams, Noah Eidemiller

Trombone: Graham Eidemiller

Alto Sax: Eric Kim

Baritone Sax: Ross Commerford

Guitar: Ian Rhoads

Trumpet: Phillip Olson


Vanessa Daves

Lily Kaufmann

Nichole Hine

Chase Ainsworth

Justin Armer

Alec Armer

Max Duncan

Ryan Dugan


Violin I: Samuel Rowe

Violin I: Emily Colebank

Violin I: Mary Workman

Violin II: Vannis Jones

Violin II: Madison Hattaway

Violin II: Jackson Wright

Viola: Molly Gasperi

Viola: Ali Felman

Viola: Joe Simmons

Cello: Addie Hotchkiss

Cello:Allie Chesbrough

Cello: Kevin Xu

Cello: Rob Simpson

Cello: Alex Fontg

Bass: Mimi Rebein

Bass: Jake Wheeler

Bass: Bryan Bailey

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