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Athlete of the Week: Spencer Mustoe


Athlete of the Week story on varsity baseball player Spencer Mustoe.

Q: When did you start playing baseball?

A: I started playing baseball when I was three, I started playing t-ball with a couple buddies of mine and couple of dads started coaching the team.

Q: Do you expect to win state this year?

A: Of course, going into every year we expect to win state, but this year especially because we have a few guys going on to play college ball. This year more than most because we have good chemistry and we are all best friends.

Q: Who has influenced your career the most over the years?

A: My dad got me into the game, we have season tickets to the royals and that has always made me love baseball. My grandpa played college baseball and he is probably the one that really helped me get my game going, and he helped me form into the player that I am today.

Q: Have you enjoy your baseball career at east?

A: I did, I have one more to go. We should have won state last year and we are looking to finish the job this year.

Q: Which team will be the toughest challenge on the road to state?

A: Probably Blue Valley, that will be our first game of the year and we are expecting a big crowd at that game. It would be much appreciated.

Q: What is your best memory playing baseball?

A: Over the years I have created so many friendships, guys that I am hanging out with today, some of my best friends. Although my best memory is probably my first little league homerun.

Q: What does the team need to do to win state this year?

A: The biggest thing is to make sure that the team chemistry is there, we all have to work together because we are all going to different places after the season and we have to realize that we are still a team.

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