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SME Golfer Owen Hill Q&A


When did you start playing golf?

“I started playing in the front yard with my dad around the age of two, but obviously don’t remember it at all.”


What is your favorite memory of golf?

“It’s tough to pick one favorite memory considering the amount of hours I’ve been on a course, but I’d have to go with getting the opportunity to go to the 2016 US Open (as a spectator.)”


Did you go to state last year? If so, what was it like? How well did you do?

“I went to state last year, which was a lifelong dream of mine fulfilled. While the title of “state” may imply high stakes and therefore high nerves, it turns out the holes are the same size at state, so there was no need to be nervous. I shot 76, which is +4, tieing me for 9th. I absolutely consider that a success, as my score counted for my team, meaning I was a part of the win.”


Are you going to state this year? If so, what’s your biggest strategy?

“I plan on going to state this year, but in golf anything can happen. —My strategy this year is to act like it’s just another round (which, to some degree, is true.) I’m at my best when I convince my brain it’s just another casual round with my buddies, so that’s what I’ll attempt to do this year.”


What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced this season?

“My biggest challenge this season is the same guy it’s always been: me. I know I have the potential to do damage on the course, but have often tripped over myself. Once I learn to better control the three inches between my ears, I can begin to fulfill my potential.”


Who has influenced you most in your golf career?

“My father, grandfather, and golf coach Evan Scobie have been most influential throughout my career, and I owe a great deal of my success to them.”


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