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Athlete of the Week: Matt Ho


From bowling to baseball, Senior Matthew Ho has made the rounds when it comes to activities at East. Bowling only this year, he shares his experience as a varsity bowler and overall experience at East.

Q: Why did you start bowling?

A: My friends Lucas and Derrick were bowling and they told me to try out. I have just been on the team this year and I thought it was going to be really of intense because there are tryouts and cuts. Turns out it is really laid back and you kind of get to mess around with friends. This year a lot of people tried out, especially a lot of seniors, so I think there were about 20 people cut.

Q: How has your success been in bowling?

A: It has been alright. I have been bowling the lower end of varsity which is pretty cool, but I could definitely be doing better.

Q: What makes bowling different from other activities at East?

A: Bowling is different from other activities because not many people know about it and tons of people don’t even know we have a team. I like that because it lets us become closer as a team and it sparks conversation whenever we wear our uniforms to school.

Q: What other activities have you participated in at East?

A: I did cross country my freshman year, but not my junior or sophomore year. I did it this year and played baseball my freshman and sophomore year. I was in Ultimate Frisbee Club and National Honor Society.

Q: What is your best memory at East?

A: Maybe when the football team won state in 2014 because going to that game was pretty cool. My experience playing baseball was really fun. Baseball was fun because we got really close as a team and I got to see my friends every day because of practice.

Q: What has been your best memory of bowling?
A: Probably the team dinners and all of the shenanigans at them. After we eat we usually go mess around. We will play pool and, ping pong or hockey in the basement.

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