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Athlete of the Week: Aidan Holbrook

Q: How did you get started in swimming?

A: I got started when I saw my brother swimming for the Fairway Fins when I was about six.

Q: Have you ever swam for any clubs or teams? Where and did they go year round?

A: I swam for Fairway until 6th grade then I joined the Kansas City Blazers which is a competitive team that goes year round and I also joined a country club team, Woodside, two years back.

Q: What is your biggest accomplishment?

A: Last year I won the 500 Free at State as a freshman so that was a big deal.

Q: What is your inspiration to keep swimming?

A:  I’d have to say the people that I meet, the people that I see, people I swim with every day. It’s just kind of cool seeing them progress along with me and I love seeing others move forward.

Q: Do you have any goals?

A: I’d have to say that I am aiming for a Junior National Cut but I don’t know how well that will turn out. It’s definitely a goal though.

Q: Who do you look up to?

A: As a swimming inspiration I look up to mainly my brother because he is the reason I even started swimming but he is just somebody I always look up to.

Q: How do you prepare for a meet?

A: For a meet I usually listen to music and make sure i have food in my stomach and definitely pych myself out a little bit.

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Grace Kost

Gracie Kost is a junior going on her fourth semester on staff. In past years she has worked as a writer and designer for both print and online, and this year she is Opinion section editor for print. Outside of Harbinger, she is a Varsity cheerleader, JV swimmer, SHARE participant and participates in Pep Club. When she isn’t focussed on school work she spends every minute (every single minute) with friends or sleeping. Read Full »

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