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Artists of the Week: Nathalie Solger

Name: Nathalie Solger

Grade: 12

Tools: Pencil to sketch out initial piece. Oil pastels and acrylic paints for AP concentration. “I like the vibrant looks acrylics get when I’m finished with them.”

AP Studio Art Concentration: “Through each piece I try to highlight animal qualities in people. Because we’re different species, but we share similar qualities. In each piece, I’m putting an animal head on a human body. The one I’m working on right now is a bull’s head on a business man’s body and he’s holding money.”

Future: “I want to major in fine arts or graphic design. I’m not totally sure about which school I want to go to, but art is something that I love and I’m very passionate about it. I plan on doing art even if I’m homeless; it’s what I want to do and what I plan to do. Even if I don’t have a lot of money, art is what gets me through most days, and that happiness is more important than money.”

Inspiration: “This sounds weird, but I get a lot of inspiration from Lady Gaga. Those who know me know that I’m Lady Gaga obsessed. She inspires me to do my own thing and that’s what draws me to her. When I first found out about her, I thought she was weird and she almost made me uncomfortable, which was interesting and daring. I try to do that with my art. I want to make people uncomfortable so it leaves an impression. That’s what people remember. It may not be accepted, but I’m fascinated by weird things.”

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