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Artist of the Week: Polly Haun

Name: Polly Haun

Grade: 11

Tools: Big Time Rush spiral notebook and pencil

When She Started: “I started as a freshmen as a sort of stress reliever. It was just a nice thing to do at home if I had a free minute.”

Inspired By: E.E.Cummings, T.S.Eliot

Favorite Genre: Big Time Rush fan fiction

Polly’s Poems:

dried gum sticks to the heel of
my boot
air so thick it can sit
on top of me
and so filled with cigarette smoke
that i can’t breathe
my bag is tucked safely under my arm
and away from thieves
now i’m lost
but it doesn’t matter
because i love the city

i wish i could say no regrets
but then i would be a liar
lying hasn’t stopped me before
but it’s hard to keep a secret from yourself
i regret wasted time and gas
i regret my 4 year old self’s taste
i regret my chronic tardiness
i regret staying awake past 10
i regret tears and runny noses
but more than anything
i regret you
my one wish is that i could be my own best friend
maybe, maybe then
i could say no regrets

Missing You
For hours you sit on your shelf
Waiting so that I may be by myself
That is the moment that you pounce
You have a hope that I may renounce
Woe is me!
For I made a bet against thee
Forever you sit and grow old
While I will begin to grow cold
Without your warmth around me
I am merely a lone tree
When I say what long was unspoken
You have rusted and broken
Dear popcorn machine!
I cannot survive without you
And your after school snack

why is it that when the written word
is still a thought
it’s merely a thought?
a notion in the mind
is just as beautiful
as a sonnet on the paper
the whirring of the brain
can only lead to
the scratching of pencil and paper
the two are more intertwined
than ying and yang
more related than
identical twins
so why must the written word
trump that of a thought?

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