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Artist of the Week: Madison May

Name: Madison May

Grade: 11

Tools: Brushes, base “It’s just a heavier, thicker version of foundation”, lipstick, blush, false eye-lashes.

Start: “I started my freshman year. I train for lacrosse in the spring, but I wanted to be involved in the spring show, so I wanted to find something I could do that didn’t take up a whole lot of time, so I wouldn’t have to be there every single day. That way, I could play lacrosse, but still be able to be a part of a show. And I really got attached to it after that.”

Career At East: Arsenic and Old Lace, Machinal (Crew Chief), Beauty and the Beast, The Government Inspector (Crew Chief), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Crew Chief), Durang Durang (Crew Chief)

Favorite Make-up Design: “In Mid-summer, we had to do a lot of free hand, and I don’t really excel at that, but I really like to do age. And really promiscuous make-up like bright red lips, and blue eye-shadow, and false eye-lashes.”
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