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Artist of the Week: Leyann Dahlgren

Name: Leyann Dahlgren

Grade: 12

Training: “I am mostly self-taught and beyond that I have only taken a few school classes.”

Inspired by: “Art reflects my emotion and what I personally am feeling. It’s not influenced by a particular artist, more the world around me.”

Future Plans: “I would love to continue with photography. I currently have a 365 going and I would like to either do another one next year or maybe a 52 [similar to a 365 but once a week]. I would also like to take some classes in college.”

A little about the pieces:   The leaves that form a boat is one of Leyann’s favorite pieces, entitled the “Maple SS”.  “I like my pieces to focus more on simplicity and not flamboyance. It has a deeper meaning to me than what most see when they look at it.” The big bowl with a leaf pattern is also of significance to the artist. She feels that it symbolizes the first time she was recognized as an artist, when she and other classmates toured the Missouri River and put together an art gallery.

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