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Art Teachers Host Open Studio Night

Open studio night is a way for beginners and masters alike to explore the wide world of art. Broad spectrums of mediums and artists pack the art wing full every Tuesday until 5:30 p.m. East teacher Wanda Simchuk gladly opens up her room in hopes to inspire and create a new generation of artists.

“I love that my room is just rockin’ every Tuesday night, tons of people, tons of stuff going on,” Simchuk said. “It’s truly a great place for kids to be after school.”

Many students who are currently taking art classes also use this extra time every week to continue working hard on their pieces even after school hours. Sophomore Chloe Azorsky is one of those students who comes to continue creating and start exploring different areas of art.

“I like open studio night a lot because it gives you time to work with more a relaxed environment around you,” Azorsky said. Students can also use all the supplies and really explore what the arts have to offer here at East. Students are welcome to come into the studios and create, even if they aren’t enrolled in art classes.

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