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Art Teacher Involved in Car Accident

Art teacher Jason Filbeck was involved in an accident with three other cars at the intersection of 75th and Roe at approximately 6 a.m. on Dec. 6. Filbeck was headed east on 75th street as a four door sedan ran the red light of the cross street, Roe Boulevard.

Going 35 miles per hour and with slippery conditions due to snowfall, Filbeck was unable to avoid the oncoming vehicle, “and I T-boned her– pretty bad.” After the initial crash the 2004 Ford Sport Trac spun 180 degrees and collided with a third car. The driver of the third car remained stationary, but the second car was more severely displaced. The sedan from the initial accident continued on to collide with a house on the corner of that intersection, puncturing the wall of the house and throwing the sleeping resident from her bed. She visited the hospital, but no one else involved in the crash was injured.

Photo Credit: Jason Filbeck

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