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Apple Reveals iPhone SE


The new iPhone SE was released Monday. The phone has all of the capabilities of the iPhone 6S from Siri to the fingerprint identification feature, only the SE has the look of the 5S. The purpose of the SE being created was to satisfy iPhone users that felt the size of the iPhones were getting too large.

“I thought [the 6S] was too big,” sophomore Caroline Ehrich said. “Having the iPhone 5S shape again would be awesome because the size was perfect.”

The features that carried over to the SE were the A9 chip, an advanced chip that holds large amounts of storage, as well as the 12 mega-pixel camera. In addition, the SE is Apple’s cheapest phone ever, starting at $399. However, the four inch retina display was what drew customers to the 5S in the first place.

“The 5C is only a little rounder than the 5S, and I really like how it fits in my hand,” sophomore Isabel Miller said. “With the 6 or the 6S Plus I feel like it’s going to fall out of my hand and I’ll drop it. The downside is that the camera [on the 5C] isn’t very good, so I’d totally buy [the SE].”

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