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Antique stores review


Antique shopping – otherwise known as hunting without the whole killing aspect. Antiques are collectable items of furniture, art work or anything else you may value that was created before the 90’s. Antiques give you a taste of wild adventures from different eras.  I visited three antique stores that have the best reviews in Kansas City last weekend, and was surprised at how different each store and experience was. However, some things that stayed consistent were that you have to go in with an open mind, time to spare and the readiness to go through endless items.

Morning Glory Antiques

Walking down Westport Rd, I couldn’t help but be captivated by Morning Glory Antiques. It’s next to a variety of unique stores.Their unique taxidermy and intricate set up entices you to come in and see what it’s about. When you walk in you are immediately greeted by their warm music, adorable dogs and the owners Don Fields and Rick Bumgardner. Bumgardner greeted me and kindly gave me the background of the store. The men started their shop in 1991 and have consistently been one of the leading antique shops in the area since, as well as helping furnish countless homes. One thing that stood out to me at Morning Glory was how intricate and nice their furnishing options are. While the other stores had options, Morning Glory’s were the best. Rather than having vast content, the content they did have was nicer, with less reparations needed. As well as furnishings they had an abundance of cherub and religious items, and an extensive taxidermy collection. My favorite item from the shop was a vintage fishbowl that was a glass goldfish holding two other goldfish-sadly it was only on display. Even though the store is not super organized and smaller than other antique shops, you will find quality items no matter what.

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River Market Antique Mall

If you are willing to drive all the way to 5th St. and Wyandotte, as well as deal with the unpaved, bumpy parking lot, River Market Antique Mall is worth it. This is probably the most legendary and vast Antique destination in Kansas City. I knew it is worth the big talk when I pulled up to the three story high Lewis and Clark mural, as well as the 20’s party theme window display. It was established in 1994 and their mission is to ‘recycle the past, one life at a time.’ I  walk in and it is open with high ceilings, three floors and a vintage clothing basement. It is organized with different vendors sectioned off with aisles. Their unique and artistic items, 70’s vibe and abundance of nic nacs and clothing is what makes River Market Antique stand out. I ended up finding a beautiful mink scarf that was cheaper than other Antique stores. The organization helped me conquer the enormous space. After spending 30 minutes running around all the floors, I loved that I saw similar items from different vendors. I turned it into a game to find the best price or sale around the mall for a particular item. I found a fur coat in perfect condition for $50, then go up a floor and see one that needs repair for $300. With a little determination you can make this place your own.

Nook and Cranny 

Located off 13th street by the haunted houses, Nook and Cranny is only open Saturdays and First Friday weekends. The vibe is completely different than any other antique store I have ever visited. It is chic and at first doesn’t seem like an antique store. You walk into their ‘white room’ with intricate displays and a clean vibe. It is also three floors, but it is far more spacious, less cluttered and the displays are detailed. The items are your typical, middle aged mom-with-money items. But if you are wanting to decorate your house with nice dressers that happen to be vintage, then this is the place for you. I could tell Nook and Cranny really cares about their customers because of its painting and finishing studios that offer their restoration services. This place is more laid-back and less interesting, but it serves its purpose for higher-end antiques. The stand-out item for me was a petite vintage perfume bottle that had the head of a woman who looked like she was wearing
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