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Annual Cheer Scavenger Hunt


Every year, the cheerleading team participates in a scavenger hunt that was started by former cheer coach, Lindsey Hammond two years ago. This year it took place on Sept. 20.

The team is split into their “families” which is the group of cheerleaders. There are six families that compete against each other to win the hunt. Each family comes up with a theme and they have to keep it a secret.

The day of the hunt, each family goes and buys all their costumes’ and then goes to East all decked out. There’s then a showdown to see which family has the best costume and that family earns 20 points.

After the costume showdown the coaches give the families a list like places they have to go and collect clues, and it becomes a mad dash to complete the list.

“We go all over the place [the plaza, people’s houses] in our weird costumes and get so many weird looks,” said junior Hope Hess.

After the tasks are all completed, the girls go back to Minsky’s and add up all the points to see who wins.

Hess says she loves the scavenger hunt and thinks that it makes the team closer. It gets the girls excited to start the season.

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