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Anna Dierks Crowned Homecoming Queen

Senior and 2016 Homecoming Queen Anna Dierks is congratulated by senior and first runner-up  Katie Kuhlman. Photo by Audrey Kesler

Photo by Audrey Kesler

The homecoming nominees were presented at the homecoming football game Thursday, Oct. 6. Immediately after, the homecoming queen and attendants were announced.

Anna Dierks won the status of 2016 homecoming queen, with Katie Kuhlman as first attendant and Allie Libeer as second attendant.

“My reaction was more that I can’t believe that me as an individual got this,” Dierks said. “The girls I was surrounded by are so cool and individual and smart.”

The homecoming court was voted on by the student body this past week. The candidates for queen were Hayley Bell, Ellie Booton, Porter Carroll, Anna Dierks, Celia Hack, Christian Kennedy, Katie Kuhlman and Allie Libeer. The candidates for king were John Arnspiger, Will Clough, Jacob DeSett, Peter Haynes, Ryan Kahle, Eli Kurlbaum, Carl Young and Guanghao Yu.

“Everyone on the court was so deserving and there are so many other people who deserve this that recognition as well,” Dierks said.

The homecoming king will be announced the homecoming dance this Saturday.

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