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All State Musicians Announced

Many students of the East band, orchestra, and choir auditioned to be a part of the Kansas Music Educators Association (KSMEA) All-State band, jazz band, orchestra, or choir on Saturday, Jan. 11 in Salina, Kan. This is the highest honor a musician can receive in the state of Kansas. The students who made it will be performing at the State Convention on Saturday, March 1.

“I felt a little relieved to know the [All-State] results since we’d been waiting for them since Saturday,” senior Michelle Lu said. “It’s the wait that’s the worst, probably even more so than the audition. I’m really exciting to be playing in the band and looking forward to seeing what the repertoire is this year.”


All State Choir

Abby Cramer

Elena Wickstrom


All State Jazz Band

Eric Kim, Alto Saxophone

Matt Lindboe, Bari Saxophone

Phil Olson, Trumpet


All State Band

Michael Dannov, B Flat Clarinet

Noah Eidemiller, Bassoon

Xinyi He, Flute

Rachel Kim, Flute

Chandler Kline, B Flat Clarinet

Frazier Krohn, Snare Drum

Michelle Lu, Flute

Sam Slater, B Flat Clarinet alternative


All State Orchestra

Bryan Bailey, Bass

Jasmine Deng, Violin I

Alex Fontg, Cello

Molly Gasperi, Viola

Nathan Gendel, Violin II

Mary Grekstas, Piccolo

Joe Levin, Cello

Meghan Mohn, Violin II

Caroline Olson, Viola

Abby Scott, Timpani

Rob Simpson, Cello

Murphy Smith, Bass

Bethany Snyder, Viola

Jake Wheeler, Bass

Jackson Wright, Violin I

Lily Wulfemeyer, Violin I

Kevin Xu, Cello

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