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Adventures of a High School Senior: My Adventure Playlist

The definition of adventure is: an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity. I’ve never been on a legitimate adventure, exactly, but I’ve seen them on TV. And they fascinate me. I love the idea of seeing the world and doing unusual things. From watching so many adventure movies, I’ve noticed that whenever people go on an adventure in a movie or TV show, they have amazing background music that just ends up making you happy. So I have made an adventure playlist to tide me over until I can go on my own.

Number one on my playlist is “Pumpin’ Blood” by NoNoNo. It’s upbeat with whistling and happy lyrics. The whole song makes you want to get up and dance. The lyrics make you think of traveling from the first line: On the road again/movin’ on forward. The song talks about moving on with your life and taking control of what you want. My favorite lyrics are: You’re a catalyst of your own happiness you know.

Next is American Authors with “Best Day of My Life”. American Authors are a great adventure artist because their songs are fast-paced and, like “Pumpin’ Blood”, upbeat. Perfect for dancing. Just like the title suggests, the song is about the best day ever. It starts out with lyrics that have to do with dreaming and never giving up, typical adventure song. My favorite lyrics in this one: I’m never gonna look back, never gonna give it up, no, please don’t wake me now.

Sometimes adventures make you homesick, or so I’ve heard. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros remind you what you’ll be coming back to with their song “Home”. In the song, home means a loved one you’re leaving behind and want to go back to. That would be family, friends and loved ones. Though I’ll be out on adventures, I’ll always remember the ones that I love. My favorite lyrics from this song are: Home, let me come home/home is wherever I’m with you

The last song on my adventure playlist is “Send Me on My Way” by the Rusted Roots. This song is in just about every movie during the travel montage. Seriously. It is probably best known for being in “Ice Age”. I would guess it’s in all those travel scenes because of its happy beat and travel-oriented lyrics, like: I would like to hold my little hand/How we will run we will, how we will crawl/Send me on my way.

Someday I hope to be backpacking Europe or volunteering in Africa. Maybe even sailing on the Ganges river or learning Spanish in Spain. But for now I’ll take comfort in little adventures like taking a spin class, holding a tarantula or having a Star Wars marathon (that’s an adventure right). And i’ll be listening to my adventure playlist.

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