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Ad Astra Market Review

Ad Astra Market Review

Photo by Reilly Moreland

My first thought walking into the light and airy Ad Astra Market was whether or not I should drop everything and start taking pictures for my VSCO page. Succulents crowded the windowsill and a mirror against the wall gave me the perfect place to take a mirror selfie. The picturesque market recently opened on Johnson Drive in Mission and offers food, flowers and insta-worthy backdrops.

Green plants and bright flowers lined the walls and window space. The cashier stand where you pay for the food you pick out was surrounded by roses. Simplistic drawings of butterflies and birds floated on the walls and added to the effect that made me feel as if I had walked into some sacred fairy garden.

Peering into the first of two refrigerators, I saw key lime pie protein balls, cheese and nut platters and green tortilla veggie wraps among other delicious options. The protein balls that caught my eye were priced at $3 for two, while the veggie wraps underneath them were $7. I was definitely willing to pay $3 for two protein balls that appeared much better than my mom’s nasty homemade ones she makes me eat. I’m not a huge fan of key lime pie but I chose the key lime protein balls anyway since I’d only ever tried the flavor once and I thought it deserved a second chance.

The other fridge offered drinks from curiosity cola to ginger lime kombucha. There was a singular sparkling rose lemonade remaining which made me think it was a popular choice. I settled on the $4 vanilla pear kombucha making me feel like an exotic health nut. I paired the drink with the protein ball and a chocolate chip pretzel cookie I had seen from afar and practically sprinted to get to in order to satisfy my sweet tooth.

After snagging a seat at a wooden table that dominates the majority of the market, I popped open my kombucha only to be hit with a tangy smell. I took a sip and a mixture of apple juice and a sweet citrus flavor overpowered my mouth. The combo left me feeling as if kombucha was my new best friend. I downed my bottle in about three minutes.

Next, I turned to my key lime protein balls that mirrored raw cookie dough. If only they had tasted as good. The consistency was mushy with strange bits of nuts in each bite.The protein ball only confirmed my dislike of key lime pie. After a few bites, I quickly put the remains back in the container.

Finally the moment I had been waiting for: the chocolate chip pretzel cookie. I was not disappointed. The delightful taste washed away all things key lime protein ball. The moist consistency combined with the large chocolatey chunks left me wanting more. Every other bite I caught a piece of pretzel, the savory salt pairing well with the sweet chocolate chips.

Before leaving, I snagged six bright roses for my mom. After all, she did pay for everything I had bought. Besides the flowers, I eagerly snatched another heavenly chocolate pretzel cookie as well as the last rose lemonade. The drinks and the cookies definitely redeemed the lacking protein balls. I left with the promise that I would be back.

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