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Homegrown, as defined by the root “Home,” meaning to be comfortable and in one’s personal environment, and “Grown,” meaing personally defined. Together, the two words symbolize a meaning that transcends the forced creation of school-work or the mediocre tendencies to fit into a cultural norm. Instead, Homegrown is a self-creation, a definition pronounced by music, art, or performance, or any combination of the three.

This section hopes to provide you with the experience of self-creation by high school students. Work that cannot be printed does not have a stable or consistent outlet at Shawnee Mission East, but this section wishes to grow and expand to become that “Home” for expressive artists.

If you would like to have your work published here, please submit your work, along with a brief biography and any available pictures, video, or other media that you may have to accent your work, to

Below is the music player to trump all other music players on this site-it holds all music published within the Homegrown section. Shuffle it, play it in order, do whatever it takes for you to truly appreciate the talent that is rooted in the school.

Want your music posted here? Send a request along with a short biography and any appropriate songs, along with any available images or video, attached to e-mail to

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