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Fusion Fitness: A Workout for Everyone

Most of us DSC_2978can agree that one of the hardest parts of exercising is finding something that works for you. At Fusion Fitness, this isn’t a problem. This trendy fitness studio offers 11 different classes up to 70 times a week, ranging from intense cardio to a variety of barre options. Barre classes mix pilates, yoga and ballet moves.

The classes stick to Fusion’s goal of elongating and strengthening all muscle groups, decreasing body fat, improving cardio endurance and increasing flexibility, but they each add their own twist. Every class offered by Fusion is both upbeat and challenging, but my three favorites are Barre Intensity, Sweat Lab and Tabata + Toning.

Barre Intensity

This class is by far the one I attend most. No matter how many times a week I take it, it never gets old. Fusion instructors have been perfecting this signature class since the studio opened, and now they have expertly mixed their upbeat vibe with the tone of ballet classes. Barre Intensity creates a lean, sculpted body by elongating muscles as a typical barre class does, but also burns fat and increases cardio endurance with the Fusion twist.

A barre is used during the high-intensity hour to enable muscle balance and concentration. My favorite part of Fusion is their focus on reshaping all muscle groups, and this class does this best. Knowing I’m getting my much-needed dose of cardio in at the same time is what makes this the perfect class for me.

Sweat Lab

This 4-in-1 class leaves you drenched in sweat, hence the accurate name Sweat Lab. This ultimate workout combines 1/4 Fusion’s Bikini Boot Camp class, 1/4 Fusion Mix, 1/4 HIIT (high intensity interval training) and 1/4 regular Fusion.

This is the kind of class you feel the next day. Sweat Lab is said to be the “elite body-shaping class” at Fusion, and for good reason. Every part of your body will be worked to the extreme. Although it’s not the kind of class you could attend every day, it’s perfect for when you need that extra intense workout that’ll have you feeling sore for days on end.

Tabata + Toning

This one-hour class mixes six rounds of tabatas with body-toning intervals in between. Tabatas consist of 20 seconds of hardcore, challenging exercise with 10 second breaks of toning between rounds. Tabatas is the easiest class mentally, because the broken-up intervals allow you to work extra hard.

When you know the exhausting exercise only lasts 20 seconds, you are able to push yourself further. Instead of sitting there wondering when the move will end, you know you have exactly 13 seconds left. Plus, you have a toning break to look forward to. If mentally getting yourself through a workout is your biggest struggle, then Tabata + Toning is where you belong.



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