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A Tale of Two Pizzas



Photos courtesy of Dewey’s Pizza and Simply Real Food

UnknownAs I stepped over the threshold through shiny new doors, I was met with smell of melting cheese, the tapping of soccer cleats and a crying baby. No I wasn’t at Chuck E. Cheese, I was at Dewey’s Pizza.

Dewey’s has been a hot spot for Leawood families since it opened on Aug. 15. I went on a Tuesday and when I left around 7 p.m., the line for a table at the small restaurant had filled up the lobby area.

As my friend and I glanced over the menu, we quickly decided we wanted to try the Caprice pizza – a white sauce-based pie with fresh basil and sliced tomatoes. After glancing over the menu a bit more, we also choose the Green Lantern — a red sauce pizza with mushrooms, goat cheese, artichokes and pesto — on half of our order

20140315-0848231While waiting on our pizza, more than a few East kids walked in, so this is definitely not the place to roll up in your sweatpants. Who knows, you just might run into your crush.

When our waiter brought the pizza to the table, steam rose in our faces, bringing the smell of fresh, buttery crust with it.

The first bite was warm and cheesy – everything a pizza should be. The crust was a little weak in the middle of the pizza and had trouble supporting the weight of the toppings, but the ends of the crust tasted just like breadsticks. The red sauce didn’t taste as fresh as I would have wanted it to, but the toppings were rich in flavor.

Our 13 in. pizza cost $18.89 with tax, which wasn’t bad when we split the ticket, but could add up to be a fairly pricey pizza dinner for a family.



Photos courtesy of 1889 Pizza and Ellie Thoma

1889Opened in late June, 1889 Pizza Napoletana is the newest in a line of restaurants popping up along 47th street in Westwood.

While Dewey’s is definitely a family place, 1889 feels much more like place to catch up with friends on a Saturday afternoon. Exposed brick walls, large chandeliers over farmhouse tables, and a glass garage door leading to the patio give 1889 an eclectic downtown vibe, a contrast to Dewey’s suburban decor.

tei_95861889 makes their pizza Neapolitan style, the same method used by Kansas City favorites SPIN! and Pizzeria Locale. I ordered two pizzas similar to the ones I got
at Deweys: the margarita and the verdura, which had artichoke hearts, red peppers, broccolini and sliced almonds.


After ordering and paying at the counter, I took a seat at a bar-high, marble and tei_9706wood table – the perfect background for taking Pinterest worthy pictures of my food. The pizzas vary in price but average about $12. I

split one with my friend, but one person could easily eat a whole pizza themselves if he or she were hungry enough.

On my way out, I noticed that 1889 offers Peach Nehi floats on their dessert menu, which should make the trip out to the Westwood worth it. I know I will be coming back to try it…with a side of pizza.

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