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A Review of Local Ice Cream Shops


Foo’s Fabulous Frozen Custard:

Sticky Hickey. The name is strange, yet the cup of vanilla custard with chocolate sauce and marshmallow fluff is incredibly delicious.

Foo’s Fabulous Custard off 95th and Mission has a laid back atmosphere with all you could ask for. Food choices range from sandwiches to their assortment of candy goodies to what they’re known for, custard. The seating ranges from next to the romantic fireplace to breezy outdoors to comfy couches.

It serves all appetites. In the morning, they have coffee and croissants. During lunch, lunch they have sandwiches and chips. For dinner, they have soup of the day. Or if you’re craving a sweet treat, have their custard.

There are a number of toppings to add into your custard but there are only two custard choices:chocolate and vanilla.

Foo’s is locally owned and incorporates aspects of the community throughout the restaurant. Helping with the neighborhood feel, Foo’s will occasionally bring in local bands or a singer. Also, it has a wall chalkboard and you can see what people are drawing before you.

A number of the workers are high school students, some from East, giving it a laid-back and comfortable feel.



ajsDSC_0335Walking in, you see a full wall of East sports poster. It’s clear this is the East neighborhood frozen yogurt hangout.

Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of frozen yogurt, but they have an array of constantly changing flavors. Plus, the candy assortment gives a never-ending choice of ways to make your frozen yogurt experience different each time.

Ordering a Shiver, I did not expect such a large cup. I got a full-sized cup of white chocolate mousse ice cream with Reese’s that could have lasted me three days. It hit the spot but offered me way more than I could chew.

TCBY offers different ways to make their yogurt from a regular cup to a parfait. One of the best kept secrets at TCBY is during girl scout cookie season they have crushed up thin mints as a topping option.

There are not many seating options in the restaurant, so on a busy Friday night seating is tight.

Every time I go to TCBY I recognize at least one person whether it’s after a football game or Friday afternoon when it’s packed wall-to-wall with middle-schoolers or the employees who are mostly high school students.

Murray’s Ice Creams & Cookies:

Mouth-watering cookies and delicious ice cream, I don’t know which to choose. I look at the menu to realize I don’t have to. I get a cookie sandwich. Peanut butter cookie followed by cake batter ice cream followed by a chocolate chip cookie.

ajsDSC_0434Murray’s is a Westport ice cream bar that is a little bit of a drive tucked away in a corner but totally worth it. The only drawback is the mess the ice cream makes when the warm cookies slowly melt it.

It’s the best ice cream I’ve had in Kansas City. So rich I can hardly finish it.

The cookies melt in your mouth. They are freshly made and have a different assortment each day. The ice cream options change as well. There are sixteen different ice-cream flavors each day with quirky flavors such as Chocolate Flake Fromage and French Apple Tart. If you check their Facebook page, they update you each week on the flavors for the week.

It is a quick in-and-out, but with the location in Westport, you can sit in the outside seating area or walk around lively downtown.

Also, be warned: cash only.

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