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While I usually get my Sunday brunch in Corinth Square or Westport, Sunday morning I found myself trying something new. I drove to 6441 Troost Ave excited to see what unique food this restaurant had to bring.  I pulled into the packed parking lot of a small white building, topped with simple red letters. “Niecie’s” they read.

I was intrigued when I heard about Niecie’s because of one of their most popular menu items, chicken and waffles. I love fried chicken and I love waffles, but I had never tried them together. I couldn’t get in the door fast enough to taste the famous, southern comfort food and I was not disappointed.

Two of my friends and I shuffled into the cramped, small entry space. More and more customers kept on filing through the glass door within minutes of our arrival. It was like walking into the kitchen on Thanksgiving day, crowded but full of tradition, love and good, sweet smells.

The second I saw the ivy and floral wallpaper and the old-timey portrait adjacent to the entrance, I felt like I was in a grandparent’s house. The owner of the restaurant welcomed everyone walking in with a warm smile, addressing them by their first name. Many customers were dressed in their Sunday best. Even though the restaurant was homey, there were ladies wearing big hats and men in jackets and ties. This is the place to go after sitting through a long Sunday church service.

We were instantly welcomed by the owner of the restaurant, grinning ear to ear, standing behind the front counter. He referred to us as “the girls” and immediately said that he had a table coming for us. This restaurant didn’t just have southern comfort, but genuine southern hospitality too.

After about five minutes of waiting, the owner returned and asked if we would mind sharing a table with a couple. He said that it was a big booth and promised they wouldn’t bite. As soon as we agreed, he quickly grabbed my friend’s hand while saying “let’s go ladies” and led us to a big floral booth in the corner.

As soon as we sat down we were greeted by a stout, smiley waitress who took our order. I ordered the legendary chicken and waffles that I had been dreaming about. If somehow there’s still room in your stomach,  you can also try their sweet potato pie, country fried steak, or mashed potatoes and gravy.

Waiting for my food, the quaint interior of the restaurant caught my eye. A wood framed mirror hung across the wall facing the wood counter-topped bar with silver bar stools, and the chatter and laughter created a homey atmosphere.

After about 10-15 minutes, our waitress brought a steaming plate of food to our table. Three pieces of crispy fried chicken and a large, light brown waffle filled the white breakfast plate that was set before me. Looking at the perfection covering my plate, my mouth watered. I buttered my waffle-up Paula Deen style, drowned that bad-boy in syrup then took a big piece of chicken and put it right on top of the waffle.  

My friend that tagged along with me that day was the first to claim, “‘This is the best thing I have ever had.”

Coming from a girl who enjoys the typical First Watch breakfast, chicken and waffles tasted like a gift sent from southern heaven. It was the perfect mix of fluffy, juicy and crispy, all while being covered in sweet maple syrup.

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