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A Guide to Freshman Year


From the small, sheltered clutches of middle school, freshman are hurled into the usual high school hardships of SM East. They go from the top dog 8th graders to fresh meat. But alas, for all you frosh, this guide is for getting through the first year of homework, sports and the rest of high school.

Best hangout spots:

Library: If you walk into the library from the main entrance and keep going straight there are some amazing comfy black chairs. It’s a great place to talk with friends, quietly, or do homework.

Outdoors: The space across the hall and through the door from the cafeteria is a great place to eat lunch or chill. You can prop yourself up against a tree and get some work done or just play on your laptop.

The Plaza: With the outdoor section of the cafeteria under construc- tion, there is a new place to eat outdoors. Outside of the main gym, there are several picnic tables and, more importantly, fresh air. Enjoy while it lasts, when the cafeteria construction is done this area will most likely be gone.

Sports games to attend:

East vs. Rockhurst (basketball). This long-time rivalry is always a thriller of a match, with both schools having strong teams. You might not get in due to the gym always being packed and upperclassmen having the right to go before you. But if you do get in, be ready for loud cheers and packed stands. The last time these two teams met the game ended with a buzzer beater that was featured on SportsCenter. And that was only the JV game.

East vs. South (any sport). It doesn’t matter which sport it is, the strong rivalry between these two schools is enough. The games are usually overflowing with foul play and roughhousing.

East Football. The State champions will becoming out this year, ready to defend their title. The highly-hyped and well-funded East football program is sure to make the stands shake.

Boys’ Lacrosse vs. Rockhurst: This private school is a very tough opponent that always gives East a run for its money, but never succeeds. With both schools fighting for bragging rights, the game is sure to be an event to remember. Boys’ Soccer (Senior Night): About 100 students tried out for the mighty Lancer soccer team and around 40 got cut. So the JV and Varsity teams are stacked with only the best players. And senior night is both emotional, with the seniors playing in their last season, and exciting because they will leave everything out on that field.

Clubs/ Activities to join: 

Video Announcements: If you like film and cinema then this is an obvious first choice. The somewhat small group creates great content that goes up every Friday, and is sure to be lively.
Knee-Hockey Club: Yep, there is a knee-hockey club, the only one in the country in fact. Anyone can join, but make sure your knee-hockey skills are up-to-par. They play in room 511 on Wednesdays after school.

Club Hammock: Laying in the sun. Relaxing after a hard day at school. Sound good? Great, but, don’t forget to BYOH (Bring Your Own Hammock).
Harbinger’ Hauberk: The East newspaper or yearbook is a great way to meet new friends and prepare you for what career you want later in life, even if it’s not in journalism. The soonest sign-ups are next semester.

Happy Club: If the hardships of high school are getting you down, head on down to the the aux gym at 7:15 a.m. on Thursdays to lift your spirits.

SHARE: This club’s focus is on charity and volunteering. They do events to raise money, like a garage sale, and also involved in volunteer work. This is great for your resume, plus a good way to do nice things for your community.

Lunch Club: If you are one of the many new students to East, Lunch Club is a great way to meet new friends and avoid sitting alone at lunch. They gather at the North ramp during lunch on Tuesdays.

East Rules for Freshmen:

1. You don’t like South. The long time rivalry dates back to the 1700s and there is something deeper than hatred between these two schools.
2. Don’t step on the East crest in the gym hallway. This is sacred ground reserved for students with a varsity letter, seniors or alumni.
3. Be loud at sports games. No one likes the quiet freshmen taking selfies the whole game. Stand up and actually watch the game; you can update your Twitter later.
4. Seniors sit in front at football games. Freshmen sit in the back of the bleachers.

5. Don’t stop in the middle of the hall to talk to friends, text or show PDA. Every school day many students walk into East with their spirits high and are ready for the day. But when it takes an extra ten minutes to get to class because of mobs of freshmen in the middle of the hall talking about how Kevin and Suzie are dating now, doesn’t make them happy.

6. Don’t park in the senior lot. Self-explanatory.

7. Represent East – Wear the columbia blue, black and white T-shirts and sing the school song with all of your soul.





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