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Republican Vote Dominates Local, State Elections

Election results on November 7 showed that Johnson County chose a Republican set of representatives.

Johnson County is part of voting district KS-3 and re-elected Republican Kevin Yoder for a second term as a state representative. He beat out Libertarian Joel Balam to retain his position. Yoder maintains Republican institutions and supports banning abortion, repealing ObamaCare, minimizing gun control and cutting taxes.

Yoder will be joining fellow Republicans Tim Huelskamp, Lynn Jenkins and Mike Pompeo to represent Kansas in the House of Representatives.

In local elections, Republicans also retained the vote. Johnson County elected Barbara Bollier, Stephanie Clayton and East mother Melissa Rooker as House representatives. Bollier was re-elected with a margin of 53 percent, beating Democrat Amy Bell, and Clayton beat Democrat Zach Luea with a 59 percent margin. Rooker won with a slimmer margin of 214 votes over Democrat Megan England.

These local representatives have cited public education as their greatest concern.

The Kansas Senate seat was won by Republican Kay Wolf, who beat Democrat Kyle Russell by 53 percent. Republican vote prevailed throughout the state, and Kansas remained red at the end of the election.

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