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Three Blogs You Need to Follow


I’m definitely a hippie when it comes to my food consumption. I’m all about vegan, raw, food. I don’t like preservatives — they sort of freak me out. But I love cooking fresh, tasty food. So, finding recipes can sometimes be a challenge. A little while back one of my friends directed me to the Free People, (yes the over-priced hippie store) blog, called Building 25.
Building 25 combines interesting and sometimes questionable articles about crystals and astrology (stuff I don’t necessarily understand — at all) with great natural beauty tips and an incredible plethora of vegan and raw food-based recipes.

Whenever I’m looking for a nice afternoon treat to whip up or a new food experiment to try out on my parents and friends (again, cannot apologize enough for the heinous chia seed incident), I turn to Building 25 for homemade recipes and remedies that are both healthy and delicious.


Despite my assortment of fleece pullovers and running pants, I actually really enjoy fashion. Magazines like Vogue and Elle, teeming with ridiculous ads and worn-out trends, seem a little passé when it comes to fresh fashion reads. That’s why I turn to the internet for style tips and beauty advice.

For the latest trends I look to the style gods at They’re on top of trends so I don’t have to be, scoping out the latest “it” girl and posting Buzzfeed-style lists for every occasion and trend I didn’t know existed. Their well-written interviews and witty opinion pieces seem to appear on the site every minute or so, giving a reader massive amounts of information to study up on. While Refinery’s main focus is fashion, they cover everything from beauty to entertainment. It rounds out their site, and also makes it so that I could browse it for hours.

Hands down, the best beauty advice comes straight from I mean, with a name like that, they have to give good advice. But this site goes beyond good; it’s brilliant. It’s like they know me. Admittedly, I go for the ponytail or messy bun every day and frequently leave my hair knotted and dirty, but TBD understands that I’m a novice, and posts easy-to-follow tutorials for face, hair and nails alike.


So this is a different take on the traditional blog. Apparently before the internet there was a job title called columnist, and I guess there are a few remnants of that in America today. Before everyone was crafting witty descriptions of their day on the interwebs, people were actually paid to write in printed magazines and papers (I know right?). My all-time favorite columnists is Joel Stein.

Time Magazine writer and epitome of brilliance and wit, Stein combines pop culture, current events and ridiculous personal anecdotes to create beautifully entertaining columns. From his appeals about best-by dates on food packaging, to his attempt to live like a millenial for a full 24 hours (must send 30 texts in one day, one has to be a sext, must wear ironic too-small concert t-shirt, etc), he can relate to all generations in his entertaining and casual writing style.

Stein’s back-cover columns in Time are a must-read for anyone wishing for a little light-hearted writing that will have you laughing out loud. Thankfully in this blog-o-spheric world, the printed word still has some value and Joel Stein is a testament to that.

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