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Car Washes For A Cause

Will Simpson washes a car with the help of Emily Tilden and Katie Sgroi. Photo by Marisa Walton

The buckets, sponges, soap and hoses will all be brought out for the East car wash fundraisers on the Saturday April 11 and Saturday May 16. They will be held on Spirit drive for the Girls’ Swim and Dive Team and the Debate Team.

Both extracurriculars will hold the car washes to benefit their groups by raising the money for things such as transportation and other extra costs.

“The swim and dive car wash is a such a fun thing we get to do because it helps us bond with the new people on the team and is also a great way to earn money for our team,” sophomore girls’ swim team member Hope Hess said.

While sharing laughs, students and volunteers will stand at 75th and Mission holding signs pointing towards the wash. Costs for a car wash will be held around $5 and additional donations to the team and club will be graciously  accepted.

“I definitely think car washes are a great way to fundraise for debate especially because we don’t have too much money in the budget,” Carolyn Hassett a sophomore debate team member said. “And with these big tournaments in Texas and Florida coming up it will definitely help to have some extra money for our team so we don’t have to pay as much.”

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