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10/17 News Briefs

School News

Students organize charity Quidditch tournament
This year, seniors Morgan Satterlee and Tucker Styrkowicz are putting on East’s very first Quidditch Tournament. The tournament will be held on Oct. 24-26 in the East gymnasium. Forms are available in room 307 and due back today. The forms have the rules and regulations of the game. There are eight people to a team and an $8 entry fee per player. All of the proceeds will be donated to the Hope Center to help buy books for underprivileged elementary school students.

Satterlee visited the Hope Center over the summer and it got her thinking about her favorite book of all time: “Harry Potter”. She came up with the Quidditch Tournament as a fun way to link the love she feels for her favorite book and a fundraiser for a cause she cares for.

Students and faculty prepare for Fall play
Shakespeare’s famous “A Mid-Summer’s Night Dream” will be performed by the East Theater Department on Nov. 3, 4 and 5 at 7 p.m. The play will be performed in the Dan Zollars Auditorium and every student with an East ID will be given one free ticket. Additional tickets or those without an ID can be purchased for $7 on both ramps the week of the show.

Senior Student Director Spencer Davis is excited to show the school how relatable this famous comedy can be. Davis said the show has a very talented cast and amazing tech work that will transport the audience into a whole other world.

“Everyone has done a really great job making this classic enjoyable to watch,” Davis said. “I hope everyone comes out to see it.”

Bunch of Bands
East’s annual Bunch of Bands will be held this fall, earlier than usual. Sign-up sheets are located in the main office. Any band is welcome to join, as long as one member of the band is a current East student.

Each band will get their own area of the gym and a 20 minute slot to play to the crowd that will rotate from band to band as they play back-to-back. Judges review the bands and the winning band is rewarded 50 percent of the proceeds, 30 percent goes to the second place band and the remaining 20 percent is awarded to the third place band. Bunch of Bands is a great way for students to all get together while supporting under recognized lancer musicians.

“It’s a fun event that helps to bring together the school,” Senior StuCo special events committee chair Adam Lowe said. “It is a fun way to showcase students who aren’t showcased very often.”

Community News

Prairie Village installs WiFi hub in city hall
Prairie Village installed a WiFi hub in City Hall two weeks ago. The hub, which was installed into the City Hall’s main chambers will allow those who visit City Hall for everything from traffic violations to City Council meetings to access the web.

The next step says Assistant City Administrator Dennis Enslinger is for the City to install WiFi hotspots at the public pool next summer. This will allow patrons to enjoy WiFi at the pool for no charge.

Prairie Village approves $4.5 million in bonds
The Prairie Village city council voted on Oct. 3 to approve a bond issuance from United Missouri Bank (UMB) that will raise $4.5 million to be used mainly for road repairs around the city.

The city received 11 bids from various financial institutions for its bonds. The interest rate for the bonds will be set at 1.67 percent. The bonds will add more than $4 million dollars in debt to the city’s books, creating a total of $10 million of debt.

$500,000 of the $4.5 million will help to fund the city’s geothermal heating and cooling project for city hall.

State News

State Mounts Case fighting judge’s injunction
The State of Kansas is seeking to overturn a federal judge’s order blocking Kansas from stripping Planned Parenthood of family planning funds. The state argues that the judge’s ruling should be overturned in a 144-page filing to the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which asks for the temporary injunction made by the judge ordering that Kansas continue to fund Planned Parenthood, be overruled.

Planned Parenthood sought the injunction after the state passed a law giving federal funding first to health departments and hospitals, leaving none for smaller clinics.

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